The Importance of Routine Dental Care

Published On: March 15, 2023By

It’s your lunch hour and time for your six-month teeth cleaning and checkup. You’ve already had a hard day, and it’s only lunchtime! You’d really rather skip this dental appointment, but here’s why you shouldn’t.

Why Do We Need Regular Dental Visits?

Visiting your Phoenix dentist every six months protects your smile and your budget because Dr. Hall can detect problems and concerns early on when they’re more straightforward and less costly to treat. For example, she screens you for problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer that are much easier to treat in their early phases.

What Happens During My Teeth Cleaning and Checkup?

During your teeth cleaning, our hygienist removes the excess plaque buildup from your teeth that you possibly missed at home. Then they’ll polish your teeth and review proper brushing techniques with you. Your hygienist is also a great resource for products that help you maintain excellent dental health.

During your examination, Dr. Hall screens you for dental concerns and checks the health of your natural teeth and any restorations you may have. In addition, she’ll make you aware of any circumstances that could lead to future problems so you can be proactive about your dental health.

The Benefits of Healthy Teeth and Gums

Having a healthy smile delivers several advantages for our patients:

  • Excellent bite function
  • Comfortable chewing and eating
  • Better overall health – periodontal health and general health are closely related.
  • A smile you can feel confident sharing
  • Better nutrition – you can chew, eat, and digest healthy foods with ease

If you have dental insurance, most plans cover most, if not all, of the cost of your preventive teeth cleanings and checkups. If you don’t have dental insurance, Dr. Hall offers an in-office dental membership plan that will cover your preventive appointments for one low membership fee.

So take advantage of your benefits or learn more about our dental membership plan by booking your next visit with your dentist in Phoenix by calling (602) 265-6456.