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Dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth to restore function and aesthetics to your smile.

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Dental Implants in Phoenix, AZ

Do you feel self-conscious about meeting new people or smiling in photos due to gaps in your smile left by missing teeth? Do you experience difficulty eating or enjoying the foods you usually love? Unfortunately, if you’re living with missing or compromised teeth, these are sometimes the realities of your daily life. Tooth loss can diminish your quality of life.

Tooth replacement is essential for protecting your dental health and restoring your confidence, and dental implants are the closest replacement you can get to a natural tooth. Dr. Nicole Hall can help you with tooth implants in Phoenix from start to finish at Uptown Dental & Orthodontics.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are comprised of three different parts that work together to create your new tooth:

  • The implant – We place the dental implant carefully into your jawbone, where it fuses and integrates with your bone over time, becoming part of your dental anatomy so it can support your tooth just like a root.
  • The abutment – The abutment attaches the implant to its restoration, which is a crown for a single tooth or a bridge or denture for multiple missing teeth.
  • The crown or restoration – Dr. Hall customizes your implant restoration, which might be a ceramic porcelain crown or bridge, or an acrylic implant-supported denture.

Dental implants in Phoenix, AZ can support a single tooth or dental prosthetics like a bridge or denture that replaces multiple teeth.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement?

Dental implants are considered the “gold standard” in tooth replacement because they offer patients so many benefits, such as:

  • The look, function, and feel of a natural tooth.
  • Maintaining the integrity of your jawbone by preventing further bone loss.
  • Replacement of one or multiple teeth.
  • Restores confidence when you’re eating, smiling, and interacting with others.
  • Offers excellent longevity with the potential to last a lifetime with the proper care.
  • Can be more cost-effective in the long term over other options that may need replacement.
  • Easy to care for as you’ll brush and floss normally

Dr. Hall would love to discuss your options if you’re considering dental implants in Phoenix for tooth replacement. During an evaluation, she’ll take x-rays and perform an exam to ensure that dental implants are right for you. Then, she’ll answer your questions and review the treatment process, time frames, and cost. We want you to feel confident about your tooth replacement options to make the best choice for your smile.

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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Many dentists feel that dental implants are the “gold standard” for replacing teeth. This is because they offer so many benefits for patients. Here’s what you should know.

Why Choose Dental Implants in Phoenix?

Dental implants are the only replacement option that restores your root and tooth. Why is this important? Because when you lose a tooth root, you also begin to lose bone density. When your jawbone doesn’t have a root to support it, it begins to deteriorate, impacting neighboring teeth.

Some other advantages dental implants offer are:

  • Natural-feeling solution – the function and appearance of a natural tooth
  • Easy home care – you can brush and floss as you usually would
  • Peace of mind – you can eat, chew, talk, and smile with confidence again
  • Excellent longevity – implants can potentially last a lifetime with the proper care
  • An intelligent investment – other appliances may have to be replaced over the years
  • Versatility – dental implants can replace one or multiple teeth
  • 95 percent success rate – tooth implants are a highly reliable procedure

If you’d like to learn more about dental implants in Phoenix for your smile, please get in touch with Uptown Dental & Orthodontics online or at (602) 265-6456 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Hall.