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Why are my gums receding?

Do you suffer from cold sensitivity, dark spots at your gum line, notches at the gum line or receding gums?
As dental professionals, we see this every day. Many patients say it's inherited or they were told they brush to hard and it is not as simple as that. 

Below are:

Precipitating factors refer to a specific event or trigger to the onset of the current problem. Perpetuating factors are those that maintain the problem once it has become established.

With everything dental hygienist already do, checking all the above is standard of care. Starting with the periodontal assessment, we assess the precipitating & perpetuating factors. The more information with gather, the better we can diagnose, monitor, and treat the issues. So, when you hate when your hygienist takes measurements and "pokes" your gums, remember two things: it only hurts when there is infection and they are trying to save your teeth for a lifetime. When enamel is the hardest substance in the body, brushing alone, can not remove the enamel. Get in to see your hygienist today and keep the gateway to your body healthy for a lifetime. 

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